5 PRINCIPLES TO ENSURE your website success

5 принципов, вызывающих доверие к сайту

For your website to evoke extremely trusting feelings in people, take the following recommendations into account:
1. Use the principles of repetition, primacy, surprise, emotional impact and result to make your website memorable.
2. Evaluate your site in terms of the organization of its content / UX, attractiveness, visual hierarchy, color scheme and errors. This will help ensure that your site looks professional and at the same time functional.
3. Be honest with your customers and announce in advance the cost, availability of goods, delivery conditions, etc. Transparency and realistic expectations build trust in you.
4. Concisely tell what your product is, what problem it solves, how and how you can improve the user’s life. Be extremely clear when talking about the value of your product.

5. Take into account the fact that your visitors turn to third-party sources for objective reviews and ratings. Use social evidence, and also respond to all – both positive and negative – comments to convert dissatisfied customers and get new ideas for your landing page.

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