People are used to getting everything in one click and not spending their time on a long search for the things they need. Thousands of people, potential buyers, are looking for goods and services every second, and are happy to make online purchases.


A business card website is a small website, usually consisting of one or more web pages. This site is a virtual “business card” and contains general information about the company.


Landing Page is a web page used to increase the target audience, attract new customers or returning customers and increase the effectiveness of your company’s marketing efforts or product advertising on the Internet


A corporate website is a website that contains complete information about the company and its services and has the necessary functional tools for convenient interaction with customers and partners.


An online store is a website type that allows you to shop online. In addition to attractive visual elements, this type of website should be user-friendly and meet certain technical requirements (online-purchase and payment options).


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The cost of website development in our company is not fixed and depends on what tasks are put into the plate. During the preliminary discussion of the project, all details that may affect the cost are clarified. The price depends on the complexity of the work. So, a business card website will cost cheaper than an online store. The business card website has only few pages with information about your company, whereas the online store is a large-scale project with the following distinctive characteristics:

  • Includes hundreds and thousands of pages;
  • Helps customers find the right products and compare prices;
  • Allows you to buy and pay for products online;
  • Provides access to relevant information on updated assortment, etc.

Website development begins with a discussion of the future project and only when all the tasks are clear, and the functionality of the future website has been determined, it is possible to formulate the final cost estimation. Sometimes it seems that all websites on the Internet are the same, but there are many nuances, pitfalls and wishes from the customer, which lead to differences in cost. When ordering the website development in our company, you can count on professional advice with best prices for a customized product.

If you need a tool to develop and promote your online business, then before developing a website, it is important to figure out which particular website type you need. ⠀

The segregation of websites into types is often purely conditional in nature due to the fact that some resources have some kind of similarity between themselves.

There are following website categories:

Landing -The purpose of the landing is to prompt the client to perform an action (subscription, ordering a service, etc.).

Corporate website– A peculiar representation of the company on the Internet. It may contain a catalog of services, news, articles, terms of cooperation with partners and dealers, a feedback form for collecting applications.

A business card website -A small website, usually consisting of one or more web pages. Such website is a virtual “business card” and contains general information about the company or individual and the services they provide.

Online store -Used to conduct business on the network, it has all the necessary tools not only for the presentation of goods and services, but also for selling them via the Internet.

We will help you to determine which website you need.

  1. Depending on your business goals, you need to decide why you need a website and what issues it should solve.

  2. Then, leave a request on our website with your contacts information.

  3. Our manager will advise you with best options based on the needs of your business.

  4. After we agree on all stages of the website development and sign the contract, our development team, led by the project manager, will begin to work.

  5. As a result, you will receive a functional website, further instructions for working with it and tips for further development of the website.

You can be located anywhere in the world and order the website development from us. Leave a request on our website with your contact details, including your WhatsApp or Viber number. We will contact you to discuss all your request in details.

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