We often hear the question: what is better to choose – contextual advertising or SEO-promotion. Direct comparison of these two methods of website promotion would not be entirely correct, they are too different. But we will try to briefly describe the pros and cons for each of these methods:
• Timing – SEO starts attracting visitors in no earlier than 6-8 months. In contextual advertising, visitors begin to arrive immediately after the launch of the advertising campaign.
• Inertia of processes – as soon as you stop transferring money for contextual advertising, the flow of visitors to your website will immediately decrease.
• If you abandon the SEO promotion of your website, the flow of visitors will not decrease immediately, as positions will go down (and go up) for months, update after update.
• Perspective – the result of advertising is obvious only when there is a budget. SEO promotion is the development of the entire project, which allows you to attract targeted visitors from different search engines. This is a contribution to the future of the entire project, the optimization results will work for you for a long time.
• Ease of management – there can be no other answer – contextual advertising is easier to conduct. As for SEO, to master it you need to spend more than one month and read more than one book.
• Flexibility – according to this indicator, contextual advertising also compares favorably with SEO promotion. For example, if you need to sell several specific products (for which you don’t make the main bid), then it is faster and easier to buy ads for them than to optimize and wait for positions.
• Stability – optimizers depend on the search engine algorithm, which changes quite often, and it’s impossible to predict the results of SEO promotion. As for contextual advertising, it provides a high level of stability and predictability.
• A budget – of course, in fact, the context is more expensive, but there are often cases when in order to attract the same number of visitors you need to spend the same amount of money in both cases.
As can be seen from the above, both methods of promotion have both their advantages andКак видно из вышеуказанного, оба метода продвижения имеют как свои плюсы, так и минусы. Именно поэтому для достижения более хорошего результата нужно выбрать вариант: контекстная реклама + SEO-продвижение. Если же бюджет не позволяет совместить оба способа раскрутки, то следует выбрать рекламную кампанию в Яндексе и/или в Google.

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